Business Line: 615-890-4389

(Dial extension associated with particular staff member from the following list to speak to him/her.)




George Cunningham, ext. 16

Executive Director


Frances Cook, ext. 15

Assistant Executive Director


Rachel Burch, ext. 17

Human Resources Director


Kyle Hendrickson, ext. 35

Program Services Director


Jim Robert, ext. 44

Financial Services Director


Zach Sanders, ext.33

Supported Employment Director


Katherine Garrett, ext. 13

Community Day Director

Felicia Oliver, ext. 41

Residential Director


Jackie Allman, ext. 18

Human Resources Assistant


Mark Bell, ext. 45

IT/Development Coordinator


Faye Holmes, ext. 31

Supported Employment Supervisor


Becca Jess, ext. 40

Assistant Residential Supervisor


Mike Petosky, ext. 21

Financial Services Assistant


Carol Poteete & Mike Pinkston, ext. 22

Residential Supervisors


Sylvia Twitty, ext. 34

Assistant Residential Supervisor


Angela Turley, ext. 14

Accounting Supervisor

Lisa Weaver



Case Managers:


Angie Back, ext. 27

Case Manager Coordinator=


Monica Spencer, ext. 26


Sherry Stack, ext. 24


Natalya McCord, ext. 25




(For Web site related matters)


Mark Bell




Oct. 10, 2016

Journeys in Community Living

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