Journeys in Community Living has been dedicated since 1975 to supporting adults with intellectual disabilities as they choose and realize their personal visions of how they want to live, work and socialize.






Take action now to protect funding for Journeys and people it supports

Posted: Jan. 23, 2014

MURFREESBORO — Potential budget cuts by the state could result in a significant loss of funding for the critical services Journeys and agencies like it provide to people with disabilities.


But with your support, we can urge Gov. Bill Haslam to protect funding that aids people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


We must act quickly, though. Decisions on the budget are happening right now!


As soon as possible, we're asking that our supporters:


1) Open and sign the online petition at:


2) Share this link with your friends, family and community. The more people who sign, the likely the Gov. Haslam will hear our plea.


3) Once you’ve signed the petition, please post a link to the petition on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.


With your help, we can convince the governor to protect this vital funding.



Journeys in Community Living